Monday, April 25, 2011

Dragon concepts

a recently completed dragon concept for a project I am working on with a client called "DELVE" More to come!

and a color variation:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the assassin and her playground

Interviews both near and far!

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed for both the Syracuse newspaper (near where I live) and The Fantasy Art magazine in China!

For the Syracuse article I was interviewed by Scott Rapp who was very friendly throughout the process and afterwords he and a photographer showed up to see how I work in person and to take a few photos of me at work! :) you can see a preview below:

For the Fantasy Art Magazine interview I had the honor of speaking with Lizzy Carft who sent me two sets of questions. First were a set of basic questions and after those were completed I was given some deeper questions to answer which I feel resulted in a very in depth and personal interview that I hope everyone can enjoy! For those who can't read Chinese I will post the interview below, not all of the questions were used in the article but I'm going to post them all since I feel there were a lot of good questions.