Wednesday, March 17, 2010


A few concepts created for the Console version of Nexuiz set to release on both the PS3 and xbox360.

For centuries the Kavussari and Forsellians have waged a galactic war. Over time the two races entered into treaties with the Herald Accord, a union between different cultures in the galaxy. Even though peace settled across their planets, the seething hatred between the races kept the fire of war simmering under the fragile truce. Sensing their newest members could spread war throughout the galaxy; the nations in the Herald Accord gave the Kavussari and Forsellians a choice. Pit their warriors against each other in the arena rather than on the fields of war, or face total annihilation. The Nexuiz was formed, a series of battle arenas on the home planets of the Kavussari, Forsellian,and the ruined planet of Atavirta.

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also I will be releasing more art in this post as permission is given so check back for more. thanks!

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Monday, March 8, 2010

playing with a lighter style, its a bit different from my norm but I still had lots of fun with them :)