Friday, March 30, 2012

More Travel pics!

I've got some new updates coming soon but in the mean time I figured I'd post some more travel photos. If you'd like to know where I took them then feel free to ask in the comments :) Oh! and if you have any cool spots to suggest (especially the north western regions) then definitely let me know! I'm obsessed with hiking/nature and am always on the lookout for new places to explore :)


  1. Wowww these are so pretty, are they all in WA? I'd especially love to know where the first and last six were taken!

    1. thanks Lulu Liu! actually only a few of them are from WA :) the first few are from Glacier national park in Montana which as you can see is absolutely stunning. The Glacial runoff creates the most vibrant blue water I've ever seen. the last 6 in reverse order are:

      2-Ruby Beach on the Olympic peninsula
      3-Trail to crystal lake at Rainier
      4-Lucifer falls NY
      5-dungeness bay
      6-Makah bay

      all of which are incredible in their own way :)

  2. Those are spectacular shots. Would love to do some hiking there. Feel free to name off any of your favorites so I can add 'em to my list.

    Ever had the chance to visit New Zealand? I just got back from a trip there and I think you would absolutely love it. The landscape is extraordinary and the hiking is killer.

    1. Noah Bradley- why thank you sir :) I'd have to say my favorites so far would be:

      Ruby beach- and the whole Olympic coastline in general because its full of massive rock structures jutting out of the water. Its pretty much the source of inspiration for all of us environmental artists that draw coastlines with huge spiky rocks all over the place lol.

      Mt Rainier- thinking of the right word....Amazing!
      Paradise valley is gorgeous, crowded but gorgeous.
      Crystal lake is a lake on top of a mountain which very few people get to because of the 4 hour hike pretty much straight up the mountain but if your up for it its the most peaceful and serine place I've ever been to.

      Glacier national park- pretty much anywhere you go in the park you are engulfed in huge mountains. It almost makes you forget about life beyond the mountains but then again I tend to get overly excited about pretty places :)

      Wow New Zealand? thats awesome! Yea I definitely plan on traveling there at some point. I Love vast rolling environments 8)

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