Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fire Nymph

The Fire Nymph

Born of the mating of a human female and a fire Spirit, Once conceived the mother unwillingly carries the fire in her belly until one dreadful day when the burning from within is to great and the mother is incinerated in a burst of flames leaving nothing but ashes surrounding the newly born fire nymph. although their existence is short the Fire Nymph lives its life with great passion and vigor, indulging in all the splendors of the world until its life fizzles out as dramatically as it entered. :)


  1. Increíble ilustración!
    Es usted un gran artista.
    Lo admiro.


  2. Awesome as always, the only thing that sort of was weird (for me)is the fact that she is green... I get it, but it's still weird.

  3. lol So you don't find it weird that she has a flaming serpentine tail and huge horns coming out of her head but the fact that she doesn't have normal colored skin does? haha, I understand though, she is very green but since it was for fun I wanted to go with some very obvious and extreme color compliments :) Thank you both for the comments! 8)